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Dock in Lake Winnipesaukee

Don't let this happen to you!

Remove or bubble your dock in the off-season

Dock in Lake Winnipesaukee

Out with the old... with the new

Commercial Water-Front Services


Get on our schedule to install and remove all your water-front necessities.  No need to try to recruit friends or family to take the cottage dock out, we have experience removing any style dock. 


Nice boat! Don't you want to trust that it is moored securely?  We install new mooring systems for boats, floats and anything else.  We can seasonally remove or put in your mooring system long after or before you would want to get into the water... and as always do a thorough inspection of your mooring system from top to bottom.   


Is that swim raft a little too heavy to get in or out of the water?  Let us do the heavy lifting and trust the experts to inspect the integrity of the anchoring system.   


When you purchase a water-front inflatable from DWC you don't just leave with your new toy, DWC will deliver and professionally set up the unit for you (subject to purchase and location).  The service doesn't stop there, for our customers we take care of any repairs or warranty issues for as long as you own and if you want to take advantage of having us seasonally install/remove your items, we would be happy to do so and our experienced install technicians may be able to increase the life span of your items.

Aren't sure if that looks good? We use our "in-depth" knowledge... 

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