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Students will increase their confidence in the water by first achieving a deep understanding of the sport and how one is affected by the aquatic environment.  This is done through SSI’s Total Teaching System, an interactive online study system that can be completed at one’s leisure from home and is reinforced by review sessions with your Dive Pro.


Skills are developed in the pool or shallow sites in Lake Winnipesaukee.  Issues that may be encountered at depth are easily solved when proper techniques are implemented and control is maintained.  New skills are introduced in confined water and practiced until they become a conditioned response: “Comfort through repetition”.  Students are then tested during 4 open water certification dives.


Divers will be more comfortable and confident in the water when familiar and comfortable with their equipment and, more importantly, SAFER.  Students are fitted with their own high-quality snorkeling system and supplied with all SCUBA equipment at no additional charge.  Not only will students be taught how to use and care for a Total Diving System, we will educate you on what to consider should you choose to purchase your own equipment.


Students receive an SSI Open Water Diver certification card after completion of this class.  This certification never expires and is internationally recognized giving you the ability to enjoy Earth’s “last frontier”.  As a diver, you will have the opportunity to see truly amazing things few have ever seen with their own eyes.  After you’re certified, Dive Winnipesaukee invites you to continue your education and add to your experiences by taking specialty classes, joining us on lake charters and adventuring with us on our world-wide diving travels.

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Dive Winnipesaukee offers the exclusive "SSI Dive Safe" instructional program. You will find the "Dive Safe" program is the most complete SCUBA training program on the market today. We put great emphasis on safety, skills, comfort level and the proper use of equipment. All of Dive Winnipesaukee's instructors are very professional and are highly trained. Students are not rushed through their training and are given the personal attention that they deserve. Once you complete the course, you will be a certified SSI Open Water Diver, a certification that is recognized worldwide. SSI and Dive Winnipesaukee also offer many specialty courses. Some of our more popular ones include Navigation, Night Diving, Enriched Air Nitrox, Deep Diving, Diver Stress & Rescue and Ice Diving.  Completion of the first 4 of these courses plus having completed a minimum of 24 dives and you will be certified as an SSI Advanced Open Water Diver. Please take the time to check out

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